drumgoddess04 (drumgoddess04) wrote,

Holy Crap!

 Back from the dead! The El jay reincarnated! lol

Well, somewhat.  I did write when I first moved up north but that was only because I was somewhat homesick.

But here I am again....typing away into the night.

I've read through quite a bit of what I wrote way back when.  

It seems that my self esteem issues have been a recurring trend....and it seems that I have a lot of good memories from a lot of great friends.  Even if I dont talk to some of them anymore, they've left a lasting impression.  

I doubt anyone will read this due to the fact that everyone has switched off to myspace(kinda), facebook (definitely) or even twitter(shudder).

I'm actually quite happy that I have this to look back on...granted there are a few entries I'd like to delete.....maybe I will.....hmmm....thats a lot of deleting....we'll see.

While reading through a lot of these things, I've taken notice that there are some gaps....gaps meaning some really happy things that I feel like I should have included, but I think thats when I got a myspace.....and then from there the myspace ended up neglected like the faithful El jay and facebook took the reigns..*sigh*

Oh livejournal, how I have forsaken thee.
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